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Office HOURS

Mon - Fri 10AM - 6PM IST
Sat - 10AM - 4PM IST

Our Products and Services

Sejal Group offers wide spectrum of Diamonds and Services which are categorized as follows.

  • Sejal Group deals in Diamonds Certified from GIA, HRD and IGI, of all size, color and clarity.
  • Loose Melee Diamonds include Size range from 0.60mm to 3.20mm, which is 0.003ct to 0.135ct per piece, which is in sieve size as
    00000 to -2
    +2 to -6.5
    +6.5 to -11
    +11 to -14
  • Colour from E to H, TTLB/TTLC (Very Light Brown/Light Yellow), TLB/TLC (Top Light Brown/Light Yellow), LB/LC (Light Brown/Light Yellow), Dark Brown/Intense Yellow, Natural Black Diamonds and Fancy Colored small size diamonds. Clarity from IF which is Internally Flawless to I3 which is Included-3.
  • Dealers office in 6 major diamond trading hubs around the globe.
  • Web Sales has always been the favorable mode of placing order and Sejal Group has devised and implemented a unique way to sell small size melee diamonds online.
  • Our online portal provides instant account creation and activation with easy verification process. While payment gateway and logistics are equally efficient and prompt.
  • Hassle free and quick shipment globally.
  • Payment acceptation in all modes mutually suitable to customer and the company.