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Natural Diamonds and Conflict-Free Diamonds

Diamonds are the hardest known substance to man & has a crystal structure. In nature, diamonds are formed deep inside the Earth at High Pressure & High Temperature conditions existing between 85 - 125 miles in the earth's mantle and takes 1 - 3 billion years to form beneath the Earth's surface. Once formed, a Diamond travels to the earth’s surface via streams of molten rock. Most Natural Diamonds acquire Inclusions or Flaws within them through the formation process; giving / making each Diamond a 'Unique Fingerprint'. Diamonds are graded & traded based on their Cuts, Color, Clarities, Carat-Weight and Shapes. Natural Diamonds are preferred over enhanced / treated Diamonds owing to their Rarity and Individual Unique Characteristics. No two Natural Diamonds in the world will ever be identical due to its Color or Clarity or both combined.

'Sejal Group' takes immense pride in serving the Gems & Jewellery Industry since 04 decades with "Unmatched quality and precision" for both Products & Services. We are Exporters & Importers of 'Polished, True Value, Natural Diamonds' and we constantly Strive to Adopt Innovative & Sustainable Technologies to ensure, that 'Only Natural Diamonds' are dealt with at the ‘Sejal Group’.

All our Goods are conflict - Free; as Human & Mechanical Modes of Quality Checks are followed to check for any CVD presence at the time of procurement itself. Stringent Quality Checks in lines with the standards laid down as per the Kimberley process have been enforced at all appropriate levels from Procurement to Processing to Delivery to strictly ensure; that we deal into 'Only, True Value, Natural Diamonds'