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What are Melee Diamonds?

Melee Diamonds are Small, Single Cut or Full Cut Diamonds Weighing less than 1/5 carat and can be as small as 0.0002 carats. They are mostly cut into Round Shapes and are visible as a center piece on a band. Melee Diamonds are usually manufactured in large quantities in factories well equipped with the latest diamond - cutting technologies. Latest improvements in technology have reduced the labor required & additionally improved the quality of the final product; while Cutting & Sorting Melee Diamonds still requires a substantial amount of labor hours.

Faceted and Sorted Melee Diamonds are sold in parcels of 100 carats or more; in both wholesale & retail modes mostly from the city of Surat; which predominantly remains an important manufacturing hub for Melee Diamonds. Diamond Traders, Diamond Wholesalers, Diamond Retailers, Jewelry Manufacturers and Retailers consume the highest amount of Melee Diamonds which are Calibrated either by mm size / Sieve Size / Pointers wise.

Small Melee Diamonds are consumed by large Jewellery Manufactures & Diamond Wholesalers in Wholesale Quantities & Wholesale Prices while well Assorted and well Calibrated Melee Diamonds are consumed by Small - sized Jewellery Units & Retailers & Small Sized Traders as per their Jewellery requirements.

Typical faceting styles for Melee Diamonds include:

Single Cut:
A cutting style with a round girdle outline and 17 or 18 facets, depending on whether a culet is present, including a table, eight crown facets, eight pavilion facets and (very rarely) a culet

Full Cut:
A round brilliant-cut with 57 or 58 facets, depending on whether a culet is present, including 32 crown facets, 24 pavilion facets, a table and (usually) a culet