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  • Our Assurance of 'True Value Diamonds' reflects in the fact that we pay Paramount Attention to Every Detail of our Diamonds; right from Procurement to Processing to Delivery, which includes a Mix of Both; Human & Mechanical Modes of Quality Checks.

    Satisfied Clients & Workforce are a Testimony of our Company's Constant Endeavor to be a Centre of Excellence for both Products & People.

    Rigorous Assortments, Stringent Quality Checks, State - of - the - Art Facilities, Client - Centric Approach and Policies, Absolute Transparency are some of the Attributes that have helped us Scale Newer & Higher Horizons. We, at ‘The Sejal Group’; Constantly Strive to Adopt Strategies that are Solely Service-oriented to ensure Optimum Client Satisfaction.

  • We are Active Member of following Esteemed Associations:

    Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC)





    Bharat Diamond Bourse


  • Also, the following Declaration on all our Invoices to our Customers testifies our commitment to 'Sale of only 100% Natural Diamonds': "The Diamonds; herein; Invoiced are exclusively of Natural Origin and Untreated; based on personal knowledge and / or written guarantees provided by the Supplier of these Diamonds. The acceptance of goods; herein; Invoiced will be as per the WFDB Guidelines."

    "To the best of our Knowledge and / or written assurance from Our Suppliers, we state that Diamonds herein; Invoiced have not been obtained in Violation of Applicable National Laws and / or Sanctions by the U.S. Department of Treasury's Office of Foreign Assests Control (OFAC) and have not originated from the MBADA and Marange Resources of Zimbabwe".

  • Most importantly; 'Sejal Group' aspires to be the 'Preferred Choice' of its Clients with the Best of its Products & Services with 'Utmost Care' to the Smallest of Client Demands. Optimum Client Satisfaction with the Best of Customer - Centric policies and most Ethical Business Practices have always been the Core Values at Our Company.

Below Mentioned Declaration; on all our Invoices to our Customers testifies our Commitment to 'Sale of only 100% Natural and Conflict - Free Diamonds':

"The Diamonds; herein; Invoiced have been Sourced from Legitimate Sources not involved in funding conflict and in Compliance with United Nations Resolutions. The Seller; hereby; guarantees that these Diamonds are conflict - free, based on personal knowledge and / or written guarantees provided by the Supplier of these Diamonds."

Yes, we do sell Single Cut Diamonds from 0.60 - 1.40mm, Top Top Light Brown Diamonds (TTLB), Top Top Light Colour (TTLC), Light Brown (LB), Light Colour (LC) and alongwith Natts from 0.5-3.2mm. Kindly send your Enquiry on ‘’ for Prices and Orders.

Our Large & Varied Inventory at Sejal Exports consists of Small Melee Diamonds from 0.5 - 3.2 mm in White Diamonds, Top Top Light Brown (TTLB), Top Top Light Color (TTLC), Light Brown (LB), Light Color (LC), Full Cut and Single Cut and Natts in Loose Diamonds.

We can also cater to Diamonds for Certified Diamonds from 0.20-10.00 Cts. in GIA/IGI/HRD. Our Website displays the most Sought after Diamonds at the most Reasonable Prices and So, certain Exclusive Products might not be Displayed Online.

You may feel free to get in touch with us at; Call on +91-22-4043 1111 for any Enquiries pertaining to Products not Listed on our Website.

  • Sejal Exports caters to Worldwide Shipments under Registered Shipping by India Post which can be traced online through a Unique Tracking ID
  • Express Shipments are processed within 6-10 working days with an additional shipment charge; based on the Location of Delivery.
  • Large and Varied Inventory enables Sejal Exports to process orders within 2-3 Days of Receiving Payment.
  • Special/Customized Orders can be processed within 3-7 Working Days to match your parameters.
  • National and Festive Holidays are excluded from Working Days for Order Closures.
  • Online Prices are 'NOT INCLUSIVE' of All Applicable Taxes/Duties.
  • All applicable Local Import Laws / Import Duties / Customs Charges / Taxes if any; have to be checked and borne by the Buyer and Sejal Exports holds no liability; thereof, or any delay due to Laws / Customs / Shipment Charges /in your country.

Credit Card & PayPal.

For Wire Transfer and other Payment Options, Kindly Contact or Skype :

  • The 15-Day 'No Questions Asked' Return Policy mean, that the Buyer is free to return the Product; even if they do not like it for any reason within the first 15 Days of the Receiving goods by informing us within the stipulated time frame.
  • The Products has to be returned in 'As is original condition' to claim the Refund.
  • Return Policy will not be applicable; incase of any Damage/Alteration/used-up condition found in the Product and any Loss in value of the Product, has be settled by the Buyer.
  • 'Sejal Exports' decision in accepting the product Returned will be teamed as 'Final & Binding' for both Parties involved. 'Customized & Special Orders' are not allowed for any Return/Exchanges.
  • 'Customized & Special Orders' are not allowed for any Return / Exchanges
  • Call our Customer Care (+91 22 40431111) or Drop us an E-Mail at with the detailed Reasons for the Returned Product.
  • You are required to Return the Product in the Original Package received by you from Sejal Exports along with Your Name, Address, Contact & Tracking Details.
  • Product has to be strictly Returned in 'Temper Proof Package' to avoid any loss in transit.
  • Product has to be received by Sejal Exports in 'As is original condition' to claim your Refund promptly.
  • Sejal Exports; holds no Liability for Tempered Packages & Customs Clearance Procedures.

Yes, Return Shipping Charges plus 5% of Invoice Value (on Account of Import Duty) have to be home by the Buyer. Alternatively you can choose return shipping company based on your budget and security of goods.

"Sejal Group" aspires to achieve the 'Unflinching Trust & Faith' of its Clients with the Best of its 'Quality Products & Services'. You may get our Diamonds checked from any Authorized Dealer to confirm if the Product Delivered matches the Parameters of the Order Placed Online on website, by your esteemed self; as Each Diamond is Unique Based on its own peculiar & distinctive characteristics.

We are glad to hear from you any Improvements that facilitate ease in Order Processing. You may share your Suggestions at or Call us at +91-22-4043 1111 from Monday - Saturday during 9 am-9 pm.

Yes. Kindly mention and confirm the Detailed Shipping Address while confirming/Placing Your order with us on website as well as through email